Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Schools India

Schools India under the aegis of HOPE Foundation conducted Essay and Art interschool competition.

The following students have won prizes at the All India Level. 

Vidya D Shankar of 6C won the   3rd prize.
Lavina G Khandelwal of 2D, Siddhanth Hazra of 4A & Varun Rao of 4A won  a  Silver medal.  Suvan B.U of 2A 7 Srivatsan of 7C won Bronze medals.

Manish N of 2B has won the II Prize. Likith K.M of 3B & Chandan M of 5C have won silver medals.
Rishab S of 1D, Harsha R of 2D, Yashash J of 8C have won Bronze medals while Adarsh Chhajer of 2D has won the consolation prize.

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